Elon Musk exasperated by the launch delay that increased the sequential deployment of two rockets

SpaceX was preparing to deploy the second rocket after deploying the first when the rocket’s countdown termination. The frustration of Elon Musk on this procedure made him commit to widely review the deployment operations to increase the rate of deployment of the rockets. The second Falcon 9 rocket was to take off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station hosting a GPS 3 satellite. This mission was terminated a few seconds to take off. Elon Musk revealed that they terminated the mission after the rocket’s hypersonic gas generator recording an overwhelming pressure rise.

One day before this mission, a similar Falcon 9 rocket hosting the Starlink satellites aborted the countdown at the Kennedy Space Center about twenty seconds to takeoff. SpaceX explained that an abnormal reading at the ground control center sensor initiated the abortion of the mission. SpaceX replanned the mission for October 5th. These two missions were going to be the first back-to-back launches before the malfunctions occurring.  Elon Musk was unhappy after both missions failing to takeoff. He tweeted that they will be adjusting the systems to ensure they perform two launches in 48 hours. This new trend will begin next year if all systems operate effectively to make the required improvements.

Elon Musk explained that they are not going to compromise any mission and result in accidents. This move implies that they will be analyzing all systems afresh, beginning with the launch field, the spacecraft components up to the regulatory procedures. He explained that he would be at the control centers and the warehouses hosting the spacecraft. Gwynne Shotwell, the chief operator at SpaceX, revealed that their plan this year was to deploy a minimum of 50 launches. He explained that this would have been possible if, in every month, they deployed two rockets. This success rate would enable them to complete the Starlink satellite formation if other launchers hosted additional payloads.

SpaceX stated that they intend to deploy more than 70 missions from the American launch sites in a year. The environmental activists are keenly observing to raise the alarm when the emissions exuding from these launches overwhelm the atmospheric conditions.

In conclusion, SpaceX explained that they are adjusting their generators to run on carbon-neutral fuels to minimize climate change. The company was adamant to reveal the launch rate they are preparing for in a year and the level that they have reached this point. The company has managed to make 16 successful launches since this year began.