Lafayette Regional: Princeton Season Turnaround Come to End

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA- Their fairy tale, its run admittedly brief, ended Saturday night, Their time at the ball in Lafayette saw rain delays, defensive gems, and, most importantly to them, a season end with 24 wins, a full 17 better than their previous season. Sam Houston State advanced to Sunday, but for Princeton, the act of being there shown as a form of accomplishment.

“For our guys, coming to the Regional was just such a great experience,” said Princeton manager Scott Bradley. “To get to see different parts of the country, and different teams that we don’t normally play. We had a great experience. Our team, we’re an amazing story: we went from having seven wins last year to winning the Ivy League title. Since I’ve been the coach, we’ve won seven of these, and this one is really special thanks to these guys and what they did,”

Their final game against Sam Houston State in Lafayette didn’t have the flair of the Friday match-up against Louisiana-Lafayette. A 7-2 loss that saw the Tigers amass 10 hits, but not enough when they needed them.

“It was a tough night offensively for us, I thought we had some opportunities early on,” said Bradley.

Two of his seniors, infielders BIlly Arendt and Danny Hoy logged two hits a piece on Saturday night, but made themselves memorable through their defensive prowess. Arendt had several across the infield throws while Hoy, to close out the bottom of the seventh, demonstrated that defense is played well in the Ivy League.

“I try to be as graceful as I can,” Hoy joked of his leaping, dancer like extension. “It was a little bit of a spinner off the bat and I thought if I got a good break I could get there in time and get the out. Pretty routine, to be honest. Just a pop fly. I’ve always been able to get to a lot of those.”

With Sam Houston surviving and the Tigers’ season over, Arendt noted that he had played his last game for Princeton, and had left the program on the up swing.

“It definitely leaves that key phrase that we’ve been hitting on all year: resilience,” said Arendt. “No matter what comes your way, no matter what kind of season you have next year, you can always put something together. You can always improve and just have a lot of fun on the field. Anything can happen if you put it all out there, That’s the biggest thing I want to leave with out guys.”

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