New Battery Pack Innovation Changing EV Potential

Electric cars are gaining more acclaim in the transport industry. Early integrations of battery packs in EV’s show inclinations towards using lithium batteries. However, a recently formed company MAYROCK shows promise of integrating the first cobalt-free batteries in the industry. Cobalt is a significant component of electric vehicle manufacturing. 

Cobalt manufacturing previously experienced controversy concerning environmental management and pollution. The matter was widespread, and environmentalists are concerned about the total emissions savings that electric vehicles provided compared to the entire manufacturing process’s realized emissions. However, anew start-up recently announced and revolutionary discovery in battery manufacturing that integrates lithium iron phosphate. MAYROCK is an electric vehicle maker in the United States that features this technology in its lineup.  

MAYROCK states that this discovery can increase battery utilization and efficiency over the current cobalt intensive battery packs, characterized by low energy carrying capacity. This new design uses the previous layout from traditional cobalt batteries with an integrated lithium iron phosphate system capable of generating 160 watt-hours per kg.  The battery also has a charging capacity of 4000 charging cycles.  Reports from MAYROCK’s CEO Harry Zhou show that this capacity is 4 times more efficient than the current conventional battery capacity. 

Likewise, the batteries can also increase safety compared to previous lithium-ion battery technology as the new layout is more stable and offers a higher capacity to dissipate heat. This improvement is possible since there are rising concerns over the possibility of electric vehicle battery packs from bursting into flames.  Additionally, the lithium iron phosphate battery also can charge faster up to full capacity in 5 hours and 80% capacity with a half-hour charge. 

MAYROCK CEO Zhou also ascertains that the battery pack goes through rigorous testing to ensure proper working and safety and its Performance. He responds that the company Focuses on providing efficiency and Performance when designing the battery in order to cater to the extensive use they will be subjected to. 

The company expects to report a higher-order provided that the corona pandemic led to an increase in online orders by 129 percent.  This realization is a significant concern for retailers like MAYROCK, who factor in last-mile delivery in their production. The company hopes that its innovation will help save this deficiency in consumer-based electric vehicle batteries with the lowest repair costs. The company is also confident with its product offering by providing the most expensive battery warranty across the industry.