College Baseball Central Top 25: 5/7/2018

This week in the the top 25, we’ve got no changes inside the top five. Normally, that wouldn’t be anything to spend much time discussing, but this week is a little bit different.

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Teams one through three, Florida, Stanford, and Oregon State, are there because they won their series, and team number five, North Carolina, is there because they were idle this past weekend. Number four Mississippi, even after a series loss to South Carolina, is there because, well, there wasn’t anyone behind them that felt like a natural fit to move up to number four.

UNC couldn’t really move up because they didn’t play last week, save for a midweek win over UNC-Asheville. Previous number six Texas Tech lost a series to Texas. Previous number seven UCLA got swept by Arizona. Previous number eight Clemson played only two games, and they split those games with Florida State. Previous number nine NC State swept a non-conference series with William & Mary, but they didn’t seem like a fit to move all the way up to number four, in large part because that would slot them ahead of UNC, who they were swept by just a week ago. Long story short, Mississippi has earned the benefit of the doubt, and in this case, they take advantage of a lack of better options.

The rest of the top ten is littered with teams we just mentioned. NC State is up three spots, to six, after a 3-1 week, including that weekend sweep. Clemson is up a single spot, to seven, after that split with FSU, with the finale set for Monday. Texas Tech drops to eight, down two spots, after their series loss to Texas. Southern Miss, meanwhile, is up two spots, to nine, after another conference series sweep, this time over UAB. Rounding out the top ten is UCLA, down three spots, after they were swept on the road this past weekend by Arizona.

Big jumpers this week include Minnesota, up seven spots, to 14, after a series sweep of Indiana, and Texas, also up seven spots, to 17, after a series win over Texas Tech. The likes of Florida State, East Carolina, Duke, UConn, and Tennessee Tech made more modest jumps this week.

Fallers are Arkansas, down two spots, to 12, after a series loss to LSU, Indiana, down eight spots, to 21, after they were swept by Minnesota, and Kentucky, also down eight spots, to 22, after a series loss to Tennessee.

Georgia and Auburn come into the rankings this week, both after sweeps in conference play. Georgia took care of Missouri on the road, while Auburn swept Vanderbilt at home. Dropping out of the rankings are Texas A&M, which lost a series to Florida over the weekend, and Sam Houston State, which lost a pivotal Southland Conference series with Southeastern Louisiana.

1. Florida Gators (38-11)

Last week: 1
Results: Texas A&M W 9-0, Texas A&M W 6-1, Texas A&M L 7-3

2. Stanford Cardinal (37-6)

Last week: 2
Results: San Francisco W 5-2, Utah W 12-1, Utah W 25-5, Utah W 6-4

3. Oregon State Beavers (35-7-1)

Last week: 3
Results: Oregon W 4-3, Washington State W 17-3, Washington State W 9-1, Washington State T 7-7

4. Mississippi Rebels (36-13)

Last week: 4
Results: Arkansas-Pine Bluff W 10-3, South Carolina L 13-5, South Carolina L 11-6, South Carolina W 6-5

5. North Carolina Tar Heels (32-13)

Last week: 5
Results: UNC-Asheville W 11-5

6. NC State Wolfpack (34-12)

Last week: 9
Results: Campbell L 5-4, William & Mary W 5-0, William & Mary W 8-4, William & Mary W 7-3

7. Clemson Tigers (35-12)

Last week: 8
Results: Florida State L 3-2, Florida State W 12-7

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (35-14)

Last week: 6
Results: San Diego W 11-6, Texas L 12-6, Texas W 16-5, Texas L 7-5

9. Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (35-12)

Last week: 11
Results: Tulane L 10-7, UAB W 6-0, UAB W 6-1, UAB W 9-4

10. UCLA Bruins (30-13)

Last week: 7
Results: UC-Irvine W 12-0, Arizona L 2-0, Arizona L 3-1, Arizona L 6-3

11. Florida State Seminoles (32-15)

Last week: 12
Results: Clemson W 2-1, Clemson L 12-7

12. Arkansas Razorbacks (33-15)

Last week: 10
Results: LSU W 5-4, LSU L 6-4, LSU L 7-5

13. East Carolina Pirates (33-12)

Last week: 15
Results: Tulane W 9-5, Tulane W 8-3, Tulane W 6-1

14. Minnesota Golden Gophers (32-12)

Last week: 21
Results: Concordia W 5-1, Indiana W 4-1, Indiana W 9-1, Indiana W 7-6

15. Duke Blue Devils (35-11)

Last week: 18
Results: Gardner-Webb W 13-4, Gardner-Webb W 10-4

16. Dallas Baptist Patriots (31-15)

Last week: 16
Results: UT-Arlington W 5-3, TCU L 7-0, Evansville W 3-1, Evansville W 11-1, Evansville W 7-1

17. Texas Longhorns (33-18)

Last week: 24
Results: Texas State W 11-10, Texas Tech W 12-6, Texas Tech L 16-5, Texas Tech W 7-5

18. Georgia Bulldogs (33-14)

Last week: NR
Results: Missouri W 10-6, Missouri W 5-3, Missouri W 7-1

19. Connecticut Huskies (27-14-1)

Last week: 20
Results: Memphis W 5-1, Memphis W 2-0, Memphis L 4-3

20. Auburn Tigers (34-14)

Last week: NR
Results: Vanderbilt W 4-1, Vanderbilt W 11-5, Vanderbilt W 14-0

21. Indiana Hoosiers (32-12)

Last week: 13
Results: Minnesota L 4-1, Minnesota L 9-1, Minnesota L 7-6

22. Kentucky Wildcats (30-17)

Last week: 14
Results: Tennessee L 6-2, Tennessee W 10-3, Tennessee L 5-3

23. USF Bulls (29-15)

Last week: 23
Results: Idle

24. Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles (40-6)

Last week: 25
Results: Belmont W 13-10, Belmont W 9-6, Belmont W 10-0

25. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (32-16)

Last week: 17
Results: Louisiana L 12-6, Louisiana L 5-1, Louisiana W 10-3

Out: Texas A&M (19), Sam Houston State (22)

Others Considered: Stetson, South Carolina

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