College Baseball Central Top 25: 4/10/2017

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Once again, things stayed mostly the same at the top of our rankings, as teams one through four are in the same place this time around after successful weeks, with Oregon State leading the way in the top spot after yet another undefeated week.

After that, we saw some shifting within the top ten. Clemson and Texas Tech both move up a single spot, to five and six, respectively, after winning weekend series. Arizona is up three spots, to seven, after going 3-1 on the week with a midweek win over rival Arizona State and a series win over Washington State. LSU is up four spots, to eight, after winning their series with Arkansas, Virginia is up five spots, to nine, after going 5-0 on the week, and Cal State Fullerton moves up five spots, to ten, after putting together a 4-0 week.

Other risers this week include Stanford moving from 19 to 13 after a 3-1 week. That’s a jump larger than their results would normally dictate, but carnage in the middle portion of the rankings allowed them to do so. Teams like Arizona, LSU, Virginia, and Cal State Fullerton moved out of this section of the rankings into the top ten when other teams lost, while there were also some fallers in this section of the top 25 (we’ll get to them a little later) that opened up spots as well. Keep this in mind, because teams benefitting from those voids created in the rankings will be a theme.

Southern Miss is up three spots, to 17, after winning their weekend series with FIU. They lost in the midweek to Mississippi, putting them at just 2-2 on the week, but again, holes in the middle portion of the rankings allowed them to move up a couple of extra spots. Speaking of the Rebels, they’re up seven spots, to 18, after going 4-0 on the week.

The fallers this week are plentiful as well. The first big faller is Florida. They drop six spots, to 11, after losing two of three to Tennessee. South Carolina is down four spots, to 12, after losing their series with Vanderbilt. Kentucky is down four spots, to 13, after going 1-3 on the week, including a series loss to Mississippi State. Auburn, meanwhile, falls just two spots, to 15. Normally, a 1-3 week would force you down further, but they were another team that benefitted from the soft middle part of the top 25. The same is true of 16th-ranked Oklahoma. The Sooners went 2-2 this past week and lost their series to rival Texas, but they held steady in the same place as last week.

After going 1-3 on the week, including a series loss to Creighton, St. John’s is down nine spots, to 20. Florida State goes from 17 to 23 after a series loss to NC State, with only a pair of quality midweek wins against FGCU keeping them in the rankings at all. Finally, Arkansas falls two spots, to 25, after losing their series to LSU. Going 3-2 on the week helped to keep the Razorbacks in the top 25, as did their overall resume, which reads like that of a team deserving to stay in for now.

Gone from the rankings are Florida Gulf Coast, after going 1-4 on the week, Wake Forest, after dropping their series to Louisville, and Maryland, after they dropped a series to Nebraska.

Joining the rankings in their places this week are Michigan, in at 19 after a 3-1 week, Long Beach State, in at 22 after a 4-0 week, and Mercer, in at 25 after a 4-0 week brings them to an impressive 28-6 overall.

1. Oregon State Beavers (28-1)

Last week: 1
Results: Portland W 4-3, Utah W 5-4, Utah W 5-4, Utah W 5-1

2. Louisville Cardinals (27-4)

Last week: 2
Results: Kentucky W 5-3, Wake Forest L 2-1, Wake Forest W 7-6, Wake Forest W 7-5

3. TCU Horned Frogs (26-5)

Last week: 3
Results: UT-Arlington W 5-4, Murray State W 9-2, Murray State W 15-6, Murray State W 13-2

4. North Carolina Tar Heels (26-6)

Last week: 4
Results: East Carolina W 3-2, Boston College W 17-7, Boston College W 16-4, Boston College W 15-3

5. Clemson Tigers (28-5)

Last week: 6
Results: Georgia W 4-0, Virginia Tech W 12-1, Virginia Tech W 6-3, Virginia Tech W 8-3

6. Texas Tech Red Raiders (28-7)

Last week: 7
Results: New Mexico State W 15-4, Baylor W 13-2, Baylor W 5-3, Baylor L 10-9

7. Arizona Wildcats (23-8)

Last week: 10
Results: Arizona State W 11-2, Washington State W 19-5, Washington State L 9-3, Washington State W 6-5

8. LSU Tigers (22-11)

Last week: 12
Results: Grambling W 13-2, Arkansas L 9-3, Arkansas W 10-8, Arkansas W 2-0

9. Virginia Cavaliers (26-8)

Last week: 14
Results: Old Dominion W 18-5, George Washington W 11-1, Pittsburgh W 12-1, Pittsburgh W 5-2, Pittsburgh W 4-3

10. Cal State Fullerton Titans (21-10)

Last week: 15
Results: San Diego W 13-2, UC-Davis W 6-0, UC-Davis W 9-8, UC-Davis W 8-5

11. Florida Gators (21-11)

Last week: 5
Results: Tennessee L 7-6, Tennessee L 3-2, Tennessee W 5-4

12. South Carolina Gamecocks (21-10)

Last week: 8
Results: Furman W 6-1, Vanderbilt L 7-6, Vanderbilt L 5-3, Vanderbilt W 6-1

13. Stanford Cardinal (17-10)

Last week: 19
Results: Cal W 8-4, USC L 7-5, USC W 8-3, USC W 6-3

14. Kentucky Wildcats (22-11)

Last week: 9
Results: Louisville L 5-3, Mississippi State W 5-2, Mississippi State L 10-6, Mississippi State L 10-6

15. Auburn Tigers (24-10)

Last week: 13
Results: Georgia Tech L 11-8, Texas A&M W 2-1, Texas A&M L 6-3, Texas A&M L 3-1

16. Oklahoma Sooners (27-8)

Last week: 16
Results: Oral Roberts W 6-2, Texas L 5-3, Texas L 9-3, Texas W 2-1

17. Southern Miss Golden Eagles (26-7)

Last week: 20
Results: Mississippi L 6-5, Florida International W 15-4, Florida International W 5-1, Florida International L 10-4

18. Mississippi Rebels (20-12)

Last week: 25
Results: Southern Miss W 6-5, Alabama W 7-2, Alabama W 5-4, Alabama W 8-2

19. Michigan Wolverines (25-7)

Last week: NR
Results: Notre Dame W 4-3, Illinois W 9-8, Illinois W 7-0, Illinois L 7-5

20. St. John’s Red Storm (22-5)

Last week: 11
Results: Columbia L 7-4, Creighton W 3-2, Creighton L 7-4, Creighton L 5-1

21. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (20-11-1)

Last week: 21
Results: Louisiana-Lafayette L 1-0, Louisiana-Lafayette W 9-8, Louisiana-Lafayette T 7-7

22. Long Beach State Dirtbags (20-11)

Last week: NR
Results: USC W 6-0, UC-Riverside W 8-0, UC-Riverside W 11-4, UC-Riverside W 3-0

23. Florida State Seminoles (21-13)

Last week: 17
Results: Florida Gulf Coast W 7-6, Florida Gulf Coast W 3-2, NC State W 16-7, NC State L 4-3, NC State L 8-4

24. Arkansas Razorbacks (25-8)

Last week: 23
Results: Grand Canyon W 11-2, Grand Canyon W 6-1, LSU W 9-3, LSU L 10-8, LSU L 2-0

25. Mercer Bears (28-6)

Last week: NR
Results: Kennesaw State W 10-4, Samford W 4-2, Samford W 9-6, Samford W 7-1

Out: Florida Gulf Coast (18), Wake Forest (22), Maryland (24)

Others Considered: Mississippi State, West Virginia, UConn, South Florida, Oregon

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