College Baseball Central Podcast: Talking Oral Roberts Baseball with Head Coach Ryan Folmar

On this episode of the College Baseball Central Podcast, Joe Healy is joined by Oral Roberts head coach Ryan Folmar.

There’s not much you can say about Oral Roberts baseball. The results just speak for themselves. The Golden Eagles are essentially annual participants in regionals, and that tradition has continued under Folmar. The team has been in a regional each of the last three years, and last year, they went 43-16 overall, the best record of the Folmar era.

He is, however, just the latest coach to carry this torch. Going back to 1998, the Golden Eagles have only missed out on regionals twice, and more often than not, they’ve punched above their weight once they got into a regional. Certainly, when ORU is seeded as a four in a regional, they’re not a team you want to see. They’re not going to be awed by the moment, they’re not going to be afraid, and they’re going to play you tough.

Among the topics discussed on this episode are:

  • What it was like for Coach Folmar to be the next in line at a program like ORU that has had a number of successful coaches through the years
  • What makes ORU such a consistent winner
  • The program’s approach to talent acquisition, given the baseball hotbed in and around their area
  • The program’s approach to the delicate dance of scheduling
  • How much Coach Folmar talks to his team about Omaha and what it will take for the team to get over the hump and into the CWS
  • What has Coach Folmar most excited about his team in 2018
  • Breakout stars on the team for the upcoming season


About the Author

Joseph Healy
Growing up in Houston, Joe Healy was introduced to college baseball at a young age, and it was love at first sight. Like most good love stories, that love has only grown throughout the years. When he's not at the ballpark, he enjoys tacos, college football during the fall, and the spectacle that is American politics. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Sam Houston State University and a Master's in Public Administration from Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville.