College Baseball Central Podcast Offseason Episode Index

The College Baseball Central Podcast is here to take you all the way through to opening day of the 2018 season.

Usually, the late summer and early fall is a bit of a dead time for the sport. By that point, the College World Series is well in our rearview mirror, and summer ball is coming to an end, but fall practice hasn’t quite gotten going yet. With that in mind, it’s our hope that our show can help get you through these dog days until there’s a bit more going on around the country.

But we’re not doing it alone. Throughout the offseason, we’re going to bring on local beat writers, regional writers, and national voices to talk about programs from coast to coast and everywhere in between. If you have a favorite college baseball program, we want to talk about them. Sure, we won’t get to every team, but our goal is to cover as many of them as possible, from programs in the smallest of one-bid leagues, all the way up to the big boys of the SEC and ACC.

Below is a handy index of all of the podcasts we’ve run this offseason for your browsing pleasure. That way, if you’re not subscribed to the show on your favorite podcast app (and while we’re at it, why aren’t you?), you’ll be able to catch up on episodes you’ve missed along the way.

Talking Kentucky Baseball with Derek Terry

Talking Southeast Missouri State Baseball with Matt Moorman

Talking Iowa Baseball with Dargan Southard

Talking East Carolina Baseball with Ronnie Woodward

Talking Missouri State Baseball with Harrison Keegan

Talking Nebraska Baseball with Matt Reynoldson

Talking Indiana State Baseball with Todd Aaron Golden

Talking Lamar Baseball with Danny Shapiro

Talking Oklahoma State and Oral Roberts Baseball with Dekota Gregory

Talking Virginia Baseball with Andrew Ramspacher

Talking Delaware Baseball with Kevin Tresolini

Talking College of Charleston Baseball with Andrew Miller

Talking Southern Illinois Baseball with Todd Hefferman

Talking South Carolina Baseball with Matt Connolly

Talking Purdue Baseball with Nathan Baird

Talking BYU Baseball with Jason Shepherd

Talking TCU Baseball with Branson Nelson

Talking Summer Ball and New England College Baseball with Josh Kummins

Talking Wichita State Baseball with Paul Suellentrop

Talking Indiana Baseball with Stu Jackson

Talking UNC-Wilmington Baseball with Alex Riley

Talking Arkansas Baseball with Matt Jones

Talking Data in College Baseball with R.J. Anderson

Talking UT-Rio Grande Valley Baseball with Greg Luca

Talking Tennessee Baseball with David Cobb

Talking Arizona Baseball with Michael Lev

Talking SWAC and MEAC Baseball with Michael Coker

Talking New Mexico State Baseball with Mark Rudi

Talking Nicholls Baseball with Teddy Renois

Talking Liberty Baseball with Damien Sordelett

Talking UNLV Baseball with Mark Anderson

Talking UNC-Greensboro Baseball with Jeff Mills

Talking Rhode Island Baseball with Colby Cotter

Talking Creighton Baseball with Jon Nyatawa (coming soon!)





















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